Minimalist Bullet Journal & Time Management Strategy

If you find productivity and time management strategies overwhelming, you're not alone. I'll help you create a personal system of productivity that "gets your head out of your apps" and focuses on the projects, people, and purpose that matters most to you. 

Build a Journaling Habit

Build a daily practice of journaling is a keystone habit that can reduce stress, improve memory, and clarify what really matters in life.

25 Hour Days "Starter Sessions"

The introduction to my popular 25 Hour Days masterclass. Get 6 core lessons & videos. 

Bullet Journal Basics

Setting up your first bullet journal doesn't have to be stressful. I'm here to walk you through it with simple videos, printables, & guides!

Analog Action

Get your head out of your apps and use the bullet journal + paper planners to get things done. Includes videos, templates, & planners.

Sketchnote Starter Course

If you've ever looked at sketchnotes and wanted to use them to capture ideas better, this is the place to start. At the end of the lessons you'll be ready to put pen to paper and begin creating. 18 total lessons I take the essential lessons of creating sketchnotes and have built them out even more in this course. We go through the basics, next-level training, and taking the leap in digital sketchnote creation and editing. 5 practice exercises One of the best things you can do to improve with sketchnotes (or anything) is practice. This rebuilt course includes new practice prompts that will help you grow and be more confident in your work. Live video demonstrations One of the best ways to learn is by seeing, and nothing does that better than video. As the course builds out I'll be adding new videos each month, and increasing the price with each update.  Ready to begin?

YouTube Starter Workshop

Start a YouTube channel this weekend and use the summer to build momentum and confidence.

25 Hour Days

Stop running out of time and find the extra "hidden" hour in each day. I'll how you how to make time for what matters and stick to it! 

Productivity Power-Up! Summer 2020

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Productivity Power Up! Fall 2020

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Productivity Power Pack: All Access

Do More of What Matters to You

I don't want another day, week, month, or year going by without you being able to focus on the things you care about.

I don't want you to feel like you don't have any control over your time. I don't want you to awake in a panic, rushing through your morning and reacting to everyone else's agenda.

Progress takes time, there's no changing that. But being a part of a community with a clear purpose and focus can significantly reduce the time and friction of your progress.

Themes for Thinkers Email Newsletter

I believe strength of mind and focused attention are core competencies of high-performing people. Each week I write a short essay on a different theme that helps you build mental models, eliminate distraction, and focus on what matters to you. 
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