25 Hour Days "Starter Sessions" by Matt Ragland

25 Hour Days "Starter Sessions"

Get 6 core lessons from my popular 25 Hour Days course - perfect for establishing  habits that help you ACE the new year!

What is ACE?

ACE stands for Awareness, Clarity, Execution. 3 simple steps you can use to plan, track, and achieve your goals. Here's how each one works and builds on the other.

Awareness: understanding the time and resources available 
Clarity: getting ultra-focused on the tasks needed to reach the goal
Execution: implementing a system that helps me actually do the damn things

When used together, each phase of ACE helps you create more time, set clear and achievable goals, then stay focused and committed over time.  

What people are saying about ACE 2020

I love this so much! Just 1 hour each day really adds up!
Started practicing ACE the past few days and it’s amazing ❤️
Matt always delivers over and above expectations! 🙌

Take Charge & Stay Focused in 2020

I don't want another day, week, month, or year going by without you being able to focus on the things you care about.

I don't want you to feel like you don't have any control over your time. I don't want you to awake in a panic, rushing through your morning and reacting to everyone else's agenda.

Progress takes time, there's no changing that. But being a part of a community with a clear purpose and focus can significantly reduce the time and friction of your progress.

Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

Ok friend, now we come to the point of decision. You can continue down the same path for 2020, the path of least resistance, allowing your time, attention, and dreams to be hijacked for the use of others.

This path will probably result in the same kind of outcomes you're used to having. Outcomes that are comfortable and predictable. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's not. But if 2020 is going to be the year you want something different, if you want to change the path you are on, to set upon the road less traveled...

25 Hour Days "Starter Sessions" are for you!

Start the new year by raising Awareness of your time, creating Clarity in your goals, and consistently Executing the most import work in your life!

I'm ready to ACE 2020!

How ACE & 25 Hour Days work together

The Starter Sessions are the "intro course" to my flagship training 25 Hour Days. I recently closed the first launch but heard from many people that they wanted something smaller to get started with - leading to the release of the starter sessions.

Get a BONUS $97 off coupon with purchase!
If you see results from ACE 2020 and want to upgrade to 25 Hour Days, I will credit your purchase to the full course upgrade (up to $97 value). There's zero risk to you! 

3 Phases of Learning




Time Tracking
6 mins
Time Blocking
5 mins
Goal Setting
9 mins
Previews & Reviews
11 mins
Systems Thinking
8 mins
Fight Distractions
6 mins
Workshop Replays
Goal Setting Workshop Replay
56 mins
ACE 2020 Webinar
(1h 32m 08s)
Bonus Content
ACE2020 Worksheet
39.6 KB
Time Tracking Template
9.72 KB
Goal Setting Worksheet
37.4 KB
25 Hour Days - $97 off coupon

About Matt Ragland

I've been a coach and teacher for 15 years.
My number goal has always been to help people be their personal best. The past 5 years I've worked directly with the world's top creators at ConvertKit and Podia. 

I created the 25 Hour Day & ACE method to help you take back your time and transform it from mindless to meaningful. I believe everyone has a special life to live if we focus on the people, projects, and purpose unique to each person.

Join Now & Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever 🙌

You've come this far (literally, it's the end of the page). If you want the next year to be more of the same, close the window and go about your day.

But if you're ready to take greater ownership of your time, your tasks, and your life - click the button below and join us! 
I'll see you in there!

I'm ready to ACE 2020!
Matt teaches you how to be wise with your time, focus on what actually matters and does it in an extremely engaging way. As someone who has to be highly productive and been gifted with profound ADHD, Matt’s program helped me stick to my habits and get much more time in my day. Don't pass this up!
- Ryan Mcrae


How is ACE 2020 different from 25 Hour Days?

ACE 2020 is the "starter course" for 25 Hour Days. It includes 6 core lessons from 25 Hour Days, each organized around the ACE method we talked about in the webinars.

Do I get the live monthly coaching calls with ACE 2020?

No, that was a special part of 25 Hour Days for the people who purchased that program. However I will be hosting another live call in January just for people who purchase ACE 2020. 

Is there a refund policy?

I have a 30 day one-question-asked refund policy. I just want to know why you didn't want to continue. This is a short, helpful course that can be completed in less than a couple weeks. After that it's simply contiuing to implement the lessons in your life!