Productivity Power Up! Fall 2020 by Matt Ragland
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Productivity Power Up! Fall 2020

A 6 week VIP program for people who want a clear, calm, productive life focused on what matters most to them. New group starts in January!
Enrollment is closed

Make massive change happen in 6 weeks

One of the craziest mindset shifts I've had in the past year is the realization that massive change could be just around the corner. But often it requires an equally big shift in what you believe you're capable of.

Let's face it - you can have all the methods and frameworks you want AND you can make significant progress. I believe you can, it's what my YouTube channel is built on!

This mastermind is for the next step. It's the cheat code and the level-skipper for getting where you want faster.

Mindful productivity is about more than what you know. It's about what you believe you can do.

This was a huge shift for me in how I worked and chose projects. I realized every time I (unconsciously) asked myself "do I trust myself to make the right decision?" I was saying "no" 😞

This showed up in getting stuck in the perfectionist trap. In struggling to make progress in my work because I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to be doing. I had trouble even picking projects because I kept wondering "is this the right choice? What if something else is better or more right?"

I want to help you move past perfectionism, distraction, problems with priorities, and more. The productivity power up mastermind helps you create a clear, calm, productive lifestyle focused on what matters most to you. 

But I won't be the only person helping you! Part of the program is access and coaching from incredible experts who are at the top of their fields in productivity, writing, video creation, and science. Past experts include Amy Landino, Tiago Forte, Marie Poulin, and Jeff Sheldon. 

Upgrade your mindset on what's possible

"I joined the summer mastermind because I was spinning my wheels at work and on side projects. The mastermind gave me so much more than I expected and now I know there are productive, realistic goals I can reach"
Andrew Molloy - Summer 2020

This round we introduce...

Amy Landino

YouTuber with 388k subs, a morning routine master and calendar blocking bada$$. 

Nat Eliason

Founder of Growth Machine and leading Roam expert  πŸš€ 
One of the best do-ers I know!

Anne Le Cunff

Founder of NessLabs helps you "build a lab for your mind" with neuroscience. 

What the Mastermind is like, i.e. all the deets

Dates: November 2 - December 14 (no calls week of Thanksgiving). 
Calls will normally be 5pm EST on Mondays but may change based on expert scheduling.

3 group calls, 3 expert calls, 1 personal implementation call, and 2 β€œoffice hours” calls. We also have a group forum for accountability and community!

Focus: is on personal goal setting, note-taking for creativity, habit formation, and mindset. All great things as we transition from one year to the next.

Lessons & Weekly Topics

πŸ€ Week 1: Productivity Benchmarks and the SCORE Dashboard
πŸ“ Week 2: SCORE Deep Dive & Note-taking Basics in Roam & Notion
πŸ‘€ Week 3: Attention Allocation and Giving the Right Time to the Right Things
🀯 Week 4: Action habits and time management strategies with Amy Landino
πŸ” Week 5: Setting an unshakeable vision for the new year
🧠  Week 6: Brain-based productivity and creativity with Anne-Laure Le Cunff
🎁  Bonus: New year planning group call

What past members are saying

Daily I'm being more proactive than reactive, making more time for myself, and being more forgiving. I'm on an upward trajectory again and I have the tools to keep accelerating and improving!
Andrew Molloy
The slate of guest experts was exceptional. Having that kind of small group interaction with such high performers made the experience a significant cut above other programs. I'm back for more!
Jon Salem
I had a huge aha! moment in my life from the mastermind. I was stressing about a project only to remember that I already had everything that I needed in my notes! I was able to start right away! 
Juli Thompson

Ready to join us?

I would love to have you join our close-knit group for the Fall round. It's a perfect way to create clarity and real momentum for 2021. Space is limited to 20 people, so book now!
Yes, I'm in for the Mastermind!